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TROPICAL DREAMS (1.80 x2.20x3.10m, styrofoam, PVC, pump, epoxy, PLA, water, coconut flavor, sticker, 2023)

Tropical Dreams is a fountain made up of 1252 tiles which distributes water with the aroma of young coconut. The installation, inspired by the packaging designs of some tropical juices, takes shape from the tropical dream that Tristebacio Club lives every day in ethnic mini-markets.

“The Tristebacio’s fountain depicts an unmet and unbridled desire for a simple juice. By entering these tiny low-priced products shops, the artists immediately feel a fascination for places and atmospheres very far from their environment and society, with its clichés still anchored in the popular mind and in the perception of the country abroad from punctuality to rigor, from the fiscal system to alpine pastures. The stereotypes affecting their homeland are the backdrop to an entirely different and new paradise: the artists play with geographical cross-contaminations and overlaps, highlighting the power of com- mercial consumer goods and the way they can reshape and blur the boundaries of their own world. Thus, the artists found a tropical drink which can be seen as the magic items found in fairytales: a sip to feel elsewhere, anywhere. The fountain then functions as an attractive hub for multicultural aggregation, turning the exhibition space into the square of a fictional country.” (Ilaria Monti)

Tropical Dreams
Installation view at Spazio Display, Parma, Italy
Installation view and detail at Spazio Display, Parma, Italy
Installation view at Zentral Wäscherei, Zürich, Switzerland
Tropical Dreams by tristebacio Club!

TROPICAL DREAMS a Tristebacio Club show at Spazio Display, Via Leon d’Oro 8, Parma, Italy. & Zentral Wäscherai, Neue hard 12, Zürich, Switzerland.

images Tristebacio Club, Massimo Allveato

text by Ilaria Monti

credits ©Tristebacio Club (Manuele Rezzonico, Nicola Martinelli)