woolworth install shot
woolworth install shot
woolworth install shot


November 11 - 17, 2023

The paintings that compose Maurice Wald's thesis exhibit, woolworth, articulate an ontological anxiety concerning the structural rubric of representation. Both in the process of their making and as installed, reflectively, the paintings collude to describe a theory of how that which is made visual, not to say visible, manifests.

The standard operational mode by which most current technologies deal with visual legibility (whether for the gaze of a human or to be processed by a machine) is to demonstrate these representational capacities as empirical and authorless, concealing the determinant processes.

All media eventually experience technological obsolescence. But once relieved from their intended use values (the production of phantasmic verisimilitude) these media acquire a latent, unburdened philosophical perspective in relation to their former tasks. In their old age they become articulate, if negatively, through the aperture of their own degradation.

For Wald, painting becomes a substrate from a historical cemetery of media where representation is examined as an architectural construct; architecture not as in bricks and mortar but as the erection of structure.

- James Krone