Body as a container

In Jung


2021, Installation with several works

Body as a container The series work Body as a container consists of various representations with the orifices of the body and the organs in relation to the emotions. The skin is an organ that encloses the self, protects it and at the same time means as a meeting point with the world. Moreover, the orifices on the body are the passages through which the world goes in and comes out. It enters and stays there for a while or comes out again.

Installation view
pulled out (tongues), ceramics
Black mouths, drawing on paper, kohle
Tears and runny nose, collage on canvas acryl, gouache, flowers, knife, epoxy resin
Earworms, drawing on paper, gouache
we were originally connected (the navel and the placenta), porcelain
If i have more kidney, drawing installed, gouache, glass, tube, epoxy resin
Standing like a bottle (How we eternal bleed), drawing on paper, gouache
Anus, drawing on paper, pencil, sticky note on the back side
Good-Bye, Blue, porcelain