Abatti-Brûli: Portrait of the author (by unknown street artist, 2018). Burnt ceramic. 98,8 x 27 x 15 cm.
Abatti-Brûli: Ohne titel (or 2 nudes in landscape, Karl Opfermann). Burnt ceramic. 98,8 x 27 x 15 cm.
Abatti-Brûli: AAmen (from Max Pechstein’s Vater Unser). Burnt ceramic. 98,8 x 27 x 20 cm.

“Abatti-Brûli” takes its title from widespread agriculture technique “Slash-and-burn”. Mostly relying on materials crafted by other people, the exhibition deals with the impact of technical revolutions (from clay to CAM) and the consequent shifts on cultural environments. Both bodies of work are characterized by a simplistic approach on up-to-date fabrication procedures: For the ceramics, a precise cutting intervention was carried by a machine, interrupting the roughly modelled surfaces of the piece. What was raw becomes now standardized, forming a modular set. Small reliefs (issued from popular prints) parasitize them bringing figuratives. In the opposite wall, the “Effort Bars” project portrays the activity of ten open-access Fablabs in Paris during spring 2021. Following a set of instructions, found laser-cut materials are reassembled into equal size strips. Hence, this concentrate of leftovers becomes the documentation for other people’s projects, time, and material. Invested labor energies merge under a general idea of group activity. In the edge of these layered materials, a random pattern pops through the strata, seemingly forming a code inconnu. Sculpture instructions for these ongoing series are available on demand. The show took place as a master presentation in Beaux-Arts de Paris, July 2021. All pieces by Javier Carro Temboury @temboury - www.carrotemboury.eu Photo credits: Esteban Neveu Ponce, Raphael Massart

Effort Bars. Installation view. Laser-cut found material. March-May 2021. Documenting the effort of: SimplonLab, MAKO Paris , Carrefour numérique², Volumes Paris, ICI Montreuil, Fablab La Verrière, FacLab Gennevilliers, Traces E-Fabrik, Drancy.