Playframe for Transcendent Bodies

Kay Yoon



The work "Playframe For Transcendental Bodies" deals with the absurdity and brutality of play installations and their functionality. The work was installed in a cage right after the entrance to the Tiergarten Nürnberg. The oversized hamster wheel, which is adapted to the size of a human being, is reminiscent of a playground object and can be regarded as a conceptually hybrid artefact. This artefact is embodying not only the tension between playful freedom and functionalism, but also between humans and animals.

Playframe for Transcendent Bodies, 2019, Metal, Hair, Wood and Sand, Variabel Dimension, Group Exhibition: Rroooaaarr!, Tiergarten Nürnberg
Elsewhere is My Where, 2018, Duo Exhibition together with Christian Schreiber, AEG Nuremberg
Enter Your Search, 2017, Installation, Foil Stickers, Sand and 3D Prints, Dimension Variable, Vitrine at Nuremberg HBF
Parallel Window, 2017, Spray and Cloth, 340 x 420 cm
Sculpt Quartette, 2020, Metal, Bass Shaker, Aluminium Plates, Chain and Hair, Group Exhibition: Der River, Halle 14, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, Photo by Patrick Wolfmar