Self-optimization as well as the relationship between humans and animals are common topics in Leonie Spechts practice. The essence in her works is revealed by what no longer seems suspicious because it has become familiar. She examines different perceptions of reality, usually marked by a subtle perversion. This disruption reinforces the very absurdity of our existence. Merging references from libraries, archives, social media, search engines, books, and her own environment that she captures with a digital camera, Specht creates a microcosm of data streams which represents the visual foundation of her practice. With the traditional medium of oil paint, the artist creates an analogue exaggeration of a technically advanced present. The paintings are characterized by the confusion about what is real and what is not – clearly a question that cannot be enlightened. This profound search creates a cycle of constant interrogation about us as humans and the space(s) we dwell in.

Zahnkorrektur (2021), 90x130 cm, oil on canvas
Woher kommt die Dunkelheit (2021), 30x40 cm, oil on canvas
Alina (2021), 40x60 cm, oil on canvas