I Am Where I Am Series

Liu Entung

New York

I Am Where I Am - Week2
I Am Where I Am - Week5
I Am Where I Am - Week6
I Am Where I Am - Week6
I Am Where I Am - Week7
I Am Where I Am - Week7
I Am Where I Am - Week10
I Am Where I Am - Week12
I Am Where I Am - Week 13
I Am Where I Am - Week 14

2021 Performance art, Photographs, and videos In Brooklyn, New York is a series of performative actions with staged photographs and videos made in 2021. The work questions the definition of a person’s existence in the new media era and shows how people heavily rely on technology, especially during a severe pandemic. The artist shot the whole series within her house and uploaded it on Instagram every week. Each week had a topic related to an aspect of daily life, food, bathroom, sleeping..., and the process lasted for sixteen weeks.  The screen is a crucial metaphor in work. People use it to receive and send data every day, and it is hard to live without it. The screen becomes a distorted window to observe others and a filtered mirror to reflect on oneself. To imply the loss of identity on the social platform, LIU replaces her head with the pictures on screens, and it creates surreal illusions that question the truth behind the digital utopian. aims to reveal the issues like consumerism to the body, the controls of the algorithm, and the blurry boundary between real life and the digital world.