Premiers Jours de Pluie

Luca Gianola


“Premiers Jours de Pluie” - 2022 ; hand dyed and sewn futon and pillows, ceramics, neons, dryer flowers, incense

For this piece I gathered a futon and pillows in cotton, dyed with red cabbage via different Shibori techniques. The dyeing process marks the fabric from the passage of water which left the pigments on the surface of the latter, just like streaming rain. I seek to capture this action through dyeing. In the center of the mattress is placed a ceramic “pearl” from which emanates a fine column of smoke produced by incense. This silent movement evokes the state of tranquility and ataraxia of the first days of rain. The purple dried flowers sewn to the futon in a circular motion around the pearl signify the presence of a heart that beats badly in this state of almost sanctuary serenity. Finally the neon lights appear as a disturbing element of this calm, their cold lights are barely visible hidden by the mattress but still strong enough to let us guess the insides of the latter. The red cabbage coloring process used for this piece is subject to the effect of time. The dye is sensitive to daylight and will fade if exposed to it too much. Thus, this piece is only visible on rainy days.