My work JustAMemory is about objects that are in interaction with material worthlessness and attribution of value in the form of memories. I cast three objects in such a way that their surface and the objects themselves become transparent. They stand on a pedestal, which at the same time has elements of a chest of drawers. The surface on which the objects stand is glass. Underneath is a screen on which a video is shown. It shows my grandmother, with whom I grew up to a large extent. The objects evoke different memories for me. The core of my memory takes me back to my origins and my identity that began with them. In one scene, my grandmother herself stands in front of her chest, which is full of memories. On this basis I created mine. Between the video scenes, individual sentences are read aloud by a narrator. Partly they are quotes from my grandmother, the other part is from me. The objects stand, so to speak, on my memory, which they evoke. through their skinning from the actual materiality, the video is easily reflected in them. At the same time, they do not allow the video to be clearly seen. The height of the pedestal creates a clear view of the objects rather than the video. The decision of positioning is based on the conceptual idea that we do not always immediately understand what certain objects remind us of, but we can determine their value of a memory. In my chest of drawers there is an opening with three identical glass jars. Inside are the materialities of the three objects. All destroyed in different ways and completely broken down to their materiality. Through its symbolic representation, the matter is raised again to a valuable level.