'And hers shall be the breathing balm'; 84 x 118cm
'And hers shall be the breathing balm' install view.
‘Blackhawk, Falcon, Grey eagle, Nighthawk, Osprey, Goshawk'; 247 x 22 cm
'V Shape, M Shape'; 2 channel video, 11 mins.
v shape m shape - 5 min excerpt

'V shape, M shape' is an exploration into non-human photography, drone vision and centres on the physical and ideological links between birds of prey and military aircraft. The work explores animal training and domestication as a kind of technology, as animals become tools for human interests. I became interested in the ways that stock footage offers a sanitised version of natural environments, as well as the possessive and individualist nature of aerial stock images. The project features a reinterpretation of a paper published by the Public Library of Science which sought to measure the aerodynamics of peregrine falcons in order to design faster military planes. The paper is explored through tactile media, drawing, 3D modelling and found footage in an attempt to question the ideology of scientific objectivity through alternative narrative.