Scattered connections, growing from what used to be a metal grid-structured archive. Neurons dancing silent in the dark, while disrupting old networks of failed transmissions, in an attempt to recall a lost memory.

HYPERMNESIA (by Year-Long Midnights) 2022. Metal, Wood, Isomalt, Wax, Sirup, Ceramic, Gas-Station-Teddy Bear, LED-Lights, Resin, Wires, Plastic Tubes, Cable Covers (Hellermann Tyton), Grass, Moss, 3D-print, Breast Pump, Ganoderma Applanatum Mushroom, Loudspeaker, iPhone 8 Plus (single channel video 3min) Dimensions variable. As part of the Rundgang 2022 at Städelschule.
(Fungi, Ganoderma Applanatum Mushroom)