Sofia Lilith, 187cm x 122cm. 2021, fabric on MDF wood, Picture taken by Django van Ardenne
Details of Sofia Lilith

My work, Sofia Lilith, is inspired by my childhood bedroom wallpaper. The wallpaper is a genuine antique Parisian wallpaper from the 1960s. That wallpaper made me really happy. It occupied a section of my wall, which had nothing in front of it. I wish I could take the wallpaper with me wherever I go, but that is not possible. My rose wallpaper is referenced by the cut -out-roses. By extracting the roses, they are no longer roses but take on an entirely new form. Like a memory that is no longer there. By doing so, I am able to detach the content from its origin, allowing it to be viewed from a new perspective. By laser cutting the flowers, it reveals a dark burnt edge. Like a scar from what once was, but is no longer. The shadows play an important part in the painting because they fill the void with something different, a new memory. A memory is something you have no control over. It recurs in flashes, but the exact incident vanished. It’s been replaced by hazy shadows. A Memory is always more beautiful than the truth. That is, I suppose, why we want to hold on to our thoughts.

Untitled, 115cm x 85cm. 2020, embroidery on fabric