"In an imaginary future, a complex mechanism provoked a new arrangement among the planets. As a result, our planet Earth is now divided into 2 different hemispheres. In the first one, named Hemisphere Sans Soleil, the night is permanent, and the sun won't rise anymore. In the second one, named Hemisphere Bleu Orange, the daylight is eternal, and the sun won't stop shining. That situation creates two radically opposed living situations that are meant to stay.
Each of these pieces narrate a key moment of that never-ending condition. "

The shapes of Claire Olivier's work refer to the colors and Mediterranean landscapes in which she grew up. Behind the sunset-color variations and a mean-to-be paradisiac aesthetic have hidden the nostalgia of what was here and is now gone. Her practice is all about that blurred area stuck right in between enchantment and disenchantment. It highlights this passage through two states of mind: dreaming/awaking, being a child/being an adult, imagination/reality.

To sleepless night I rather dreaming of nap in the sun - Video Installation - 2021
A party with no tomorrow - Installation - 2021
A party with no tomorrow - Sound fragment. -2021
Goodbye to the Sun - Its absence takes all the room - 2021