Lina Louisa Kraemer (b. 1989 in Germany) is a curator based in Mainz, Germany, currently working at Kunsthalle Mainz with special interest in socially and politically engaged art practices. She is further interested in collective (un)learning processes. She has previously worked with various arts institutions such as Marta Herford, 9th Berlin Biennale – KW Institute for Contemporary Art, basis e.V. Ausstellungs- und Produktionsplattform Frankfurt and curated exhibitions such as lately the group shows “In theory I’m fine” focussing on labour conditions, gender stereotypes and body politics and “Wir leben auf einem Stern” with alumnis and current students from Kunsthochschule Mainz. She holds an MA in Art History from Goethe University Frankfurt and is currently a PhD candidate at hfg Offenbach in the Art Theory and Science department. She is part of CuratorLab 2021/22, Stockholm.

For this second edition of Curator Picks Lina introduces seven artists that are affiliated with Kunsthochschule Mainz, Germany.

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Johanna Ehmke

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The works of the artist Johanna Ehmke can be located somewhere on the border between language and object. A possible MEANING of the unfinished sentences and words runs fragmentarily through her work. Her mark making is at the same time a means of expression and a form into which her thoughts are symbolically poured. The gesture marks the process not only of making, but also of the search for the right expression, the verbalization of a feeling or state, just as fragile as its objects and that of the swing of the handwriting on the canvas itself. The manifestation of her thoughts and expressions also shows in her sculptures and objects that evolve from a certain material.

Johanna Ehmke studies fine art in Klasse für Malerei Nikolas Gambaroff and Winfried Virnich. Currently she is guest student at Klasse für Malerei Anna Virnich. Further she completed her BA in Mathematics.

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Julian Ernst


IMAGINE a world simultaneously very close to the world we know and yet far away. In his latest work that consists simultaneously of a video with sound and the objects used that next to the video function as a bridge to dive into Julian Ernsts examinations of an alternate place and time, something he also does frequently in his artistic practice. A ritual performed by several people for an unknown purpose is in the centre of attention but it is not so much about the ritual itself but about the performance. In between nature and yet vis a vis a highway the costumes are carried to an undefined destination, wings and giant heads are put on to open path for our imagination to wander further and further into unmapped territories. Julian Ernst models objects or creates scenarios that have a loose connection to references from our reality but slightly fading away, thus questioning our perception of what we experience and sense or think to experience and sense.

Julian Ernst (b. 1995 in Germany) studied fine art in Klasse für Malerei Shannon Bool and Filmklasse John Skoog from 2018 – 2021 and recently moved to Vienna to complete his studies fine art in Klasse für Objektbezogene Bildhauerei Julian Göthe.

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Kara Hondong

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FLOATING without gravity is an auspicious idea – as it lifts the weight of our own body – but the seemingly infinite space that opens up as a space of possibility can be intimidating. Kara Hondong plays with the idea of floating in space in her painting practice. Floating in a virtual space which in its dimension never to be fully experienced. She works with translucent layers of paint on large scale canvases, thus creating the impression of an object that seems simultaneously otherworldly and vaguely familiar; an object floating in space: a spaceship. A carrier that can easily open the two dimensional canvas to an entire new world waiting to be discovered.

Kara Hondong hold an M.Ed. from Kunsthochschule Mainz. She studied in Klasse für Malerei, Shannon Bool from 2014-2020. Currently she is enrolled in the Painting MA program at Royal College of Arts, London.

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Lorenz Kerkhoff

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CAPTURING a moment by means of analog photography means opening the shutter for a moment and burning this moment onto the negative strip with the penetrating light. Where we see light, there is shadow on the negative and vice versa. Finding the right moment in time but also the right motif can be both challenging and exciting. The captured moment, which sometimes lasts no longer than the blink of an eye, changes in the process of image formation, the genesis of the negative to the print. Outlines may become softer, or they may be sharply defined by strong contrasts as clear edges. The medium of photography is a medium that changes in the spirit of the person who looks through the lens and accompanies the process through to the finished print. With his work, Lorenz Kerkhoff not only gives insights into his everyday life, but also asks the medium of photography about its possibilities. A moment offers more readings than fit in the blink of an eye, that much seems certain.

Lorenz Kerkhoff studies fine art at Klasse für Fotografie Judith Samen.

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Ivana Matić


What is HOME other than a place that is defined by providing us a place to rest? Following the hackneyed phrase home is where the heart is, the word home obtains another meaning. Home is a place that defines who we are, that gives shelter not only for our physical presence but also our thoughts and wishes, it is a place we want to share with the most precious ones in our lives. Growing up in Serbia, home is far away from Mainz, Germany for the artist, several borders need to be crossed to go from one place to another. Looking closely at her black and white drawings, these two places sometimes overlap, like our memory can play tricks on itself by overlapping different events, rewriting experiences and blurring our view. Home is where the gap is seems more appropriate to the deeply personal works by Ivana Matic and yet, the gap is precisely the moment that allows us to recognize that perhaps every home is only formed retrospectively by memories of it, which are shown in the small everyday scenes that the artist reconstructs on paper and canvases, cardboard boxes and tetrapack and then again let go off, leaving parts of the surfaces blank and open.

Ivana Matić studied fine art in Klasse für Zeichnung Klaus Vogelgesang and Andrea Büttner from 2007-2017. In 2017 she was Meisterschülerin of Andrea Büttner. Currently she works at Atelierhaus Waggonfabrik.

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Danijel Sijakovic

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Wandering on planet earth we mostly EXPERIENCE our reality by looking at things, trying to make sense of different colors, shapes, forms. We try to sense distance and closeness by bringing ourselves in relation to these objects, stepping forward or moving away from them. Shifting perspectives allows us to concentrate more on patterns, grids, lines. Following light, that creates new shapes and forms is something Danijel Sijakovic is particularly interested in. He captures both our reality but also an additional aesthetic reading of our environment in which the forms of the vast majority of objects follow the function.

Danijel Sijakovic studies fine art in Filmklasse John Skoog.

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Rahel Sorg

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A DAYDREAM can be a wonderful thing. Located somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, the thoughts drift away, reality and fiction mingle with each other. The world sounds softly, the noise of the city mixes in gently, like blurred lines. The paintings by Rahel Sorg are located somewhere between here and there, in which writing as a gesture meets the meaning of words, surfaces and shapes sometimes more and less vehemently overlap, abstraction meets figuration and vice versa. Sometimes the artist turns the canvas over so that only what was already covered on the front shimmers through like a long forgotten thought. Then again she removes the paintings from their frame and thus removes the rigid borders of the picture support, moving it closer to the wall that holds it up. Like a daydream in which consciousness and sleep are balanced, Rahel Sorg explores the limits of painting, with fragile outlines, and words that can be either shapes or placeholders for a deeper meaning.

Rahel Sorg studied studied fine art in Klasse für Malerei Nikolas Gambaroff and Winfried Virnich and Klasse für Malerei Shannon Bool and Anna Virnich. Currently she is Meisterschülerin of Shannon Bool and Anna Virnich.

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