Shalom Hai is an artist based in Jerusalem. For Rundgang he introduces seven artists from Bezalel Academy and Jerusalem.

Suhaila Abu Hadba Mounayer


Ma’amoul is a video that deals with stereotypes and what Arab people are being expected (how to behave and act) by the not Arab society in Israel. I transform myself from a subject to an object, and make a Ma’amoul cookie out of myself, as a self portrait of my feeling and identity. Ma’amoul cookie (meaning “made” in Arabic) is a famous Arabian-middle eastern shortbread pastry filled with nuts.

These cookies are traditional at religious holidays such as Easter (for Christians) and Ramadan (for Muslims). They are made by hand and special tongs which are slightly pressed against the dough so its teeth pierce through, and lightly squeeze the cookie to create its famous pattern. The cookies are being dusted with powdered sugar before serving .

Ma'amoul 2021, 03:06 min, video

Yarden Elkayam

Acantha Dancing With Snakes

The work deals with (the) carrying and holding of some-thing. A graphite-tipped arrow, drawn and redrawn along a bow, produced 10-meter-long vertebrae drawing. Amongst the pieces of parchment paper Acantha’s dance, specialized in dancing with snakes, moving in circles, moving amongst characters and situations, all the while keeping hold of ‘some-thing’ in case a snake bite.


Sapir Mazig

Optical Camo 26

The work was made in the beginning of Covid. It deals with the questions about hiding behind technology and the overdose that we get by doing that, which come out as hiding in real life as well.

Optical Camo 26, 2022

Talia Elbo

The monotony (Grandma and Grandpa)

Talia’s work deals with generational gaps and unspoken family tragedies through the excess of technological means inspired by the worlds of computer games.

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-16 at 10.19.14 (1)
The monotony of grandma and grandpa 2
The monotony of grandma and grandpa 4

Tzuf Ben David

Purple Heart Gan

Purple Heart wood,

Tongue piercing with flowers and fruits,

Ivy and Viburnum fruits

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-07 at 12.50.15

Romy Ben Yosef

“You are the Eyes of the Cave and your Finger is the Falling Balloon”

The work is a time based and site specific installation of sculpture, video and performance. It is set in a greenhouse, a shelter and the path between them. Seemingly minimal, the exhibition consist of a range of elements: A woman tattooing the inside of a lump sculpture. A tour guide leading the viewers carrying green fire in her bag. And filmed salamanders in an underground cave screened in a bombing shelter. Through resonating images and actions the exhibition explores the relations between humans, animal and objects.


Maya Guy


A collagistic three way camera stream- an improvised filmed performance- a woman (the artist) and her dog on a bed in the center of the room, one hand held camera films around them while two other cameras run on each side of the room. The three points of view are pasted onto each other, at times giving the viewer the same timeline from different directions, at others building the scene from different points of view and time sequences.

The relationship of woman and dog unfolds naturally in front of the audience’s eyes, from a lazy lounge to a curious sniff to a violent playful struggle. The scenario eminates a soft sexual energy and raises the question of our bodily and emotional boundaries- what do we do instinctively and what has culture stopped us from doing? Or has made us consider as “wrong” (like sexual relations with a house pet)?

True Love, Maya Guy, 2022 6:15 minute (loop)