OpenSource* shown during the second occurrence of the collective exhibition "Des soleils encore verts" at the CAC Brétigny in July 2021 · with Jérôme Girard, Maïa Lacoustille, Masha Silchenko and Chloé Vanderstaeten, curated by Collectif Champs Magnétiques | Photo © Clément Boute
Photo © Clément Boute

OpenSource* calls for the monastic experience, the quiet of the cloister lulled by the trickle of water. It refers to the enclosed spring of the enclosed-garden (hortus conclusus) of the Song of Songs (Canticum canticorum).
Yet it gives off a rancid smell and is associated with a medicalized Steampunk aesthetic. From its pipes oozes a decoction of contraceptive plants. This mixture was made from dandelion root, lei gong tong root and aloe vera ; three plants whose combined virtues have been studied since 2015 at UC Berkeley (USA) with the aim of developing a new non-hormonal birth control pill.
The fountain offers visitors an opportunity to hack the biopolitical system, which has replaced the religious system in our liberal society and to which sexuality and procreation are subjected.

OpenSource* - stone, plaster, steel, glass, pump, PVC and silicone piping, 2021

Photo © Mathieu Faluomi