The "Rotating Stones" project focuses on walking in a certain direction, with the decision to move away from its path, which results in a mutation in the brain cells themselves because the pattern has been broken.
As humanity has developed in a certain direction, namely that of conflict.
The works shown are reflections on moments from 2019.
A walk that led through deserted areas of the Negev and Wādī ʿAraba over Eilat and Aqaba.
Memories of lonely paths far away and scattered by social contacts.
Steps through stony, vegetation-less and vegetation-poor regions.
The recurring cycle reduces the sense of space and time.
Scepticism towards the processes of everyday life.
Thoughts of exhaustion and lassitude, comparable to the uncertainty of the current situation, a pandemic.
Social distraction and paths that lead in an unsuspecting direction.
Some of the drawings are marked with compass needles and the colours of the cardinal points. Reminding to change the direction and pathways, rotating stones symbolise the cycle and movement of our World.

pathless land
tiefgründige Wege II