- TACTO: Traces of the future, (2020-2021), Live Art Role Play

TACTO makes use of daily practices of nurses, doctors,
and patients in their care ecology and in relation to the
automatization of care by the implementation of new

The power of social roles and the architecture of the
identity are used as therapeutic tools and inscribed on
cultural practices, is the way we care part of what
our identity.

TACTO is a LARP, performative installation and research
on intimate care practices, within the imaginaries and
experiences from hospitalarian labor practices and the set
of minds of cosplay culture.

This project aims to bring immersion of the individual in the
practices of hospitality, as well as the politics of care and
touch, form the basis of a role-playing strategy, working as
a normalizer and pushing back the individual in a sudden
reminder of self-care.

Paula Pedraza is a Transnational artist and researcher born in Bogotá - Colombia.
Paula is in constant inquiry and in a state of displacement. Her artistic practice focuses on interdisciplinary practices and uses performance and media art.

Her work interests in the sense of touch and sound as a political material, she composes and produces time, on their conditions of immeasurability and being borderless.

Her projects allow viewers/users to engage with experiences that conduct their real-time experience into struggles, exhaustion, emergency, and cycles. Lately, her focus has shifted to interactive performance experiences to visitors through objects, discursive strategies, and instructions. Currently, she is very interested in role-playing games and the architecture of the identity, within care contexts.

All her projects are research-oriented, and usually, become a text or an essay as material for speculation, that supports the performances and installations as independent situations, apparitions, or composition.