Silke Weißbach, Correspondence 2/4


Correspondence 2/4, 2021, sugar, wax, beetroot juice, 123.2 x 85.4 x 8.3 cm

Correspondences 4/4 is part of a series of sculptures that consist of a mixture of sugar, pigments, wax and vegetable juices. Following a combination of chemical processes, raw sugar is transformed into hard-crack – a transition state in the caramelization process where the temperature moves around 160 degree celsius and reaches its lowest point in water – exactly 0,01 percent. Through the evaporation of water and chemical transformations, the molecules break down and re-form into compounds with a characteristic colour and flavour similar to candy. Poured into self-made tubs the liquid finds its way until it hardens into a state of rigid and sticky matter.

Sugar can be both – highly dangerous and extremely beautiful. It exists between a bittersweet history and a saccharine presence. It is banal in the way it is transformed into this hot liquid, following the rules of gravity. An entropic existence – telling us energy is more easily lost than contained.

Correspondences offspring a world of indeterminate possibilities concertinaed by incomprehensible desires. In this space of unveiling, a core of palpable emotions and experiences, the objects cease to exist. Forever shifting, sliding, slipping. Actions that have no end, processes of no return, leaving behind a porous and empty body. Space can be approached, but time is far away.

Silke Weißbach (1984) is a german multidisciplinary artist who articulates conceptual ideas at the intersection of materiality, technology, and the economy. Her research is situated around technological, biological, chemical and philosophical processes and insights to unearth the potentials and limits between our fluid environments and hybrid identities. She graduated with a Master in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art in 2020 and is currently living and working in London.