snakes and roses, 2021, handwoven fabric made of cotton and polyester,
dimensions variable, 3 mats 72cm x 200cm, 4 mats 72cm x 100cm
Photography 39cm x 24,5cm

The simple gesture of spreading textile allows to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban space. Here people relax, rest, eat and spend time together.
Sitting on the floor means feeling one's surroundings and lowering one's eye level to an unusual height. What simple gestures enable a change in perspective? In which way do we perceive our environment and how can this view be reconsidered again and again?
At the same time, we move primarily on the material itself. It marks a zone whose area suggests safety and security to us. Here we live out moments that are normally hidden from public space and allow for a public but protected intimacy.

Photos: Jana Buch