Cybernetic syntax in limbo
Suspended cosmos
Associated milieu
Associated milieu
Synecdoche of construction
left: Simulacra right: Data center on fire

The paintings and sculptures in Suspended Cosmos are fragments from an eerie yet recognisable situation that escapes narrative deciphering: a tragic scenario, a crime scene, elemental destruction. Uchercie engages with worldmaking and world disrupting, suspending a moment of action in time like pressing the pause button. The dramatic landscape of Data center on fire (2021) and the physics of bursting water in Synecdoche of construction (2021) take on the quality of the sublime. The time that a painting captures is likened to a cosmic collapse in the moment of a gunshot, or an augmented reality program on standby in a digital storage device.

40 years have passed since Jean Baudrillard stated: ‘We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning’ .The advent of new technologies with their associated social organisations and institutions are posing an existential question to humanity through a generalization and industrialisation of ambient computing: ‘a robotized living space, which means that there is gradually less and less left for me to do (I no longer need to open doors, order groceries and so on), and means that I gradually lose all my savoir faire and savoir vivre, my knowledge of how to do things and how to live’ . Today, we lead the extensions of our organic beings to smart cities, supply chains, and the cloud: a new stage of exosomatization.

A tension runs throughout Suspended Cosmos, between the agency of an automated society, and that of rogue forces interrupting optimised processes: between image and user. Technological media create a limbo territory that increasingly pervades our existence, suspending lives in cyberspace and simulations that blend with physical presence. Try again, confirm you are not a robot, scan your face here, we prefer contactless approval. Receive your order in fewer packages and trips? The over rationalization of contemporary societal processes leads to confusion for many. Move on, it doesn’t matter what happened. ‘You just know the robots are not the only thing you need to know’.

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